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Recruitment and Selection
CareerScope Recruitment© - Advanced & Affordable Selection Technology

What is CareerScope Recruitment? CareerScope Recruitment is the use of the CareerScope Assessment & Reporting Tool specifically for the purpose of recruitment & selection. CareerScope offers the following features and advantages:


Aptitude Assessment
See at a glance the ability levels of all your candidates. Ability assessment is a top three predictor of job performance.

Performance Filters
Create cut off scores based on your staff scores. Measure all candidates against performing staff members.
  Test Item Relevance
The test items effectively tests for a wide range of ability levels.
  Computer Aided Assessment
Results stay on site for easy retrieval. No need to rely on the recruitment company.
  Computer Scoring
Save staff time and eliminate scoring errors.

What abilities are assessed and reported?

Six abilities and aptitudes are assessed. The result for each candidate is automatically compared to a norm group of people competitively employed in differently industries. Reports indicate in which industries the candidate can be effectively employed. As an added protection, the candidate can be measured against your best staff. The abilities reported on are:

General Learning Ability (GL)
  Verbal Ability (V)
  Numerical Ability (N)
  Spatial Ability (S)
  Form Perception Ability (FP)
  Clerical Perception (CP)

Career interests can also be assessed. Twelve industries are represented in the report.

Is CareerScope suitable for our business?


CareerScope Recruitment is suitable for most businesses where any or a combination of the measured abilities are critical to your organisations performance. Examples of ability and job match include:


Using initiative, sales, strategy development, planning, reasoning.
Communicating, sales, reading instructions, editing, note taking.
Data analysis, measuring, calculating, budget planning & use.
Engineering design, wiring systems, programming, & machinery operation.
Microscope use, quality assurance, sorting, checking gauges.
Problem shooting, taking and editing notes, grocery check out.

We believe that our cost structure suits businesses small and large. We can even assist multi-nationals.


Prices (ex GST)



Purchase Option - Internal Recruitment
Install and use CareerScope on site. Assess short listed candidates at your own pleasure.


Site licence fee of $999 (once only per assessment site)
  PLUS a $99 per examinee fee (volume discounts may apply)
  Base line examinee fee only $50.
  Receive Free Filter Creation, and ongoing advice.
  Receive Free CareerScope Expert Support. Technically qualified staff will report on any assessment results you want checked.


Purchase Option - Commercial Recruitment
Install and use CareerScope on site. Sell CareerScope results as part of your recruiting service.


Site licence fee of $2500
(once only per assessment site)
  PLUS a $200 per examinee fee (volume discounts may apply)
  Receive Free CareerScope Expert Support.
Technically qualified staff will report on any assessment results you want checked.


Contract Option
CDS Pacific can look after all your assessment requirements. We provide the venue, assessor, hardware and even the refreshments. All you need to do is provide us with your short listed candidates. We provide you with a report on candidate performance.


$350 per person one on one assessment.
  $250 per person group assessment.
  Baseline Development ranges from $500 (small business) to $5500 (large organisations) per position.
Contact us for a free quote.

NB: Out of Auckland assessments may incur travel related charges.

We enhance the hiring and selection process by using scientifically proven methods!



Most small, medium and large businesses are missing out on the benefits of improved selection tools. Research tells us:


Ability Assessments are among the most valid selection tools.
  Computer aided assessments offer significant advantages over paper & pencil testing.
  Do not rely solely on interviewing or personality assessments. Interviewing is effective only if highly evolved interviewing practices are used.

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