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Careers advice and consulting using scientifically proven methods!

  The Premier Career Assessment & Reporting Tool

We enhance career prospects by using scientifically proven methods!

Most people are missing out on the benefits of improved career consulting tools. Research tells us:

Computer aided assessments offer significant advantages over paper & pencil testing.

Ability Assessments are among the most valid predictors of job performance.

Do not rely solely on interviewing or personality assessments. Interviewing is effective only if highly evolved interviewing practices are used and personality assessments rank below ability testing.


Not sure what to do? Then we can help! We use advanced careers technology to help you discover the occupations you're best suited to. Included in you session is:

Aptitude Assessment
See at a glance your strengths and weaknesses. Did you know that ability assessment is a top three predictor of job success? Do not settle for careers advice that only offers you an interview session.
    Interest Assessment
See at a glance the industries that you most want to work in.
    Results Discussion
Our qualified staff will help you to interpret the results.
    Career Recommendations
A computer-generated report will give you a list of job recommendations based on your interests and aptitudes. Our staff will also provide a written recommendation including discussion results etc.
    Home Visits
It can be hard moving the teenager to the careers advisor. So we make it easy by coming to you. This also works very well for employed people you must undertake these sessions after hours.


(NB: Out of Auckland assessments may incur travel related charges)
Please call on 0800 122733 or 0800 1CAREER to enquire further or make an appointment. Email: info@cdspacific.com


What abilities are assessed and reported?


Six abilities and aptitudes are assessed. The result for each individual is automatically compared to a norm group of people competitively employed in differently industries. Reports indicate in which industries a candidate can be effectively employed. The abilities reported on are:


General Learning
Using initiative, sales, strategy development, planning.
Communicating, sales, reading instructions, editing, note taking.
    Numerical Ability
Data analysis, measuring, calculating, budgeting.
    Spatial Ability
Engineering design, wiring systems, programming.
    Form Perception
Ability Microscope use, quality assurance, checking gauges.
  Clerical Perception
Problem shooting, taking notes, grocery check out.




Are you downsizing and want to give effected employees the opportunity to discover future career paths? Or are you an organisation in the training industry with clients or students in need of careers advice? WE CAN HELP YOU! We provide your employees and/or clients with accurate and advanced careers guidance. Best of all, you can leave it all up to us. We will organise everything from assessment venue, to refreshments. The features and advantages of using CDS Pacific are:


Total Logistics Management

we will organise everything including suitable timetabling of the careers sessions.
    Aptitude and Interest Assessments
these are actual assessments that allow us to give accurate and realistic career recommendations.
    Recommendation Reports
an accurate and professional report is given to the test taker and explained during the results discussion.
    Total Confidentiality
reports are kept confidential unless otherwise agreed to by your employee / client.
We are good at what we do and enjoy the success of making a positive difference to our clients' lives.

(Quotes for large groups available)

per person one on one assessment.
per person in-group assessment.
Please call on 0800 122733 or 0800 1CAREER to enquire further.Email: info@cdspacific.com


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