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CareerScope© Assessment
CareerScope© Assessment The Premier Career Assessment & Reporting Tool


  Unparalleled Assessment Power

Smart, Pragmatic Assessments
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Unparalleled Assessment Power
Measures both aptitude and interest in a completely "user-friendly" environment
CareerScopeANZ® takes career and educational planning to a new level. The proven career assessment and reporting system from Vocational Research Institute is a powerful, yet easy-to-use program. With more than 40 years of experience developing world-class assessment programs, VRI has designed a self-administered system that measures both aptitude and interest through valid and reliable assessment tasks. The results are instrumental in helping an individual begin the career or educational planning process.

Interest inventory helps to target key areas of interest The Interest Inventory measures and identifies a user's attraction to careers that correspond to twelve Interest Areas. These areas are:

Plants/Animals Mechanical


Physical Performing


The results from the Interest Inventory are compiled into a comprehensive Individual Profile Analysis (IPA). The IPA objectively identifies each evaluee's most significant interest area preferences. This analysis is unique to VRI assessment products.

Critical aptitudes measured by CareerScope

The aptitudes measured by CareerScope are the most critical for today's high growth and high replacement rate occupations, as well as for the emerging careers of the 21st century. The aptitudes measured are:

General Learning Ability
Verbal Aptitude
Numerical Aptitude

Spatial Aptitude
Form Perception Clerical Perception

CareerScope can even incorporate physical performance scores including motor coordination, finger dexterity and manual dexterity.


Smart, Pragmatic Assessments
Designed to meet the counsellor's needs
Career and guidance counsellors appreciate CareerScope because results help focus the career exploration process and establish the foundation for building career development portfolios. Counsellors can even customize test administration templates to control the traits assessed and the administration order.

Assess one person or an entire group at one time
CareerScope's versatility provides additional advantages. It allows for the assessment of one or many people at the same time, and evaluee's can proceed at their own comfortable pace. The system can also be configured to operate on individual workstations or over a network.

Minimal intervention frees up staff time

In the past, professionals supervised the assessment process from start to finish. They could do little else with their time. CareerScope gives this time back to them. The system is self-administered so counsellors and staff members can pursue other duties.

Maximized Client Performance
Designed to meet the evaluee's needs
CareerScope is easy to use and information is presented in a friendly interactive format. Evaluee's quickly develop a sense of confidence in completing their assessment tasks.

Self-administered tasks take 60 minutes or less to complete
CareerScope is self-administered and each evaluee works on a different workstation. This enables evaluee's to work at their own pace and comfort level. The entire assessment process takes only 60 minutes or less to complete.

Helpful tools guide people with all levels of computer experience
Even people with limited computer experience are quickly "up and running" on CareerScope. All that is required is minimal proficiency with a mouse and a year six reading level.

CareerScope features easy-to-follow instructions, step-by-step practice items and lively animated graphics to help guide the evaluee through the assessment process. Each activity begins with exercises to familiarize users with the assessment tasks and increase their confidence before starting.

Professional Reports
Assessment Profile provides evaluee with a "career blueprint"
CareerScope's Assessment Profile provides the evaluee with career recommendations. These are based on the results of the completed assessment tasks. Written in clear, concise language, the profile also explains the standards on which the recommendations are based.

Counsellor Report summarizes data for quick analysis
This report provides the guidance or career counsellor with a quick overview of pertinent assessment information.

Summary Report provides a snapshot of all assessment data
This easy-to-follow, one-page report is great for a quick parent/child or counsellor /evaluee overview. It highlights all of the information found in the more in-depth Assessment Profile and Counsellor Report.

Data and reports easy to access
CareerScope's assessment results can be stored locally or on a network server. This makes it a simple procedure to access information from remote PCs.

Reports can be generated from the CareerScope Management System individually or in groups, or may be printed directly from the evaluee's workstation immediately following the completion of the assessment. Counsellors can use "filters" during the report generation process to identify and report on groups of evaluee's who achieve specific assessment outcomes. And, full legends can be printed on each report to assist in the interpretation of results.

Independent Research Report

The following report is authored by Tracy Tipene (BMS, Dip Soc Sci) who is a part owner of Career Development Systems Pacific. Tracy is currently studying his Honours papers as a prelude to Doctorate study in 2004. This report is a compilation of current research on the CareerScope Assessment & Reporting Tool and has been designed to:


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Research Report


some technical data on CareerScope.
additional information on psychometric testing principles.
the developers of competing products to make technical and validity data available.
potential customers in making a purchasing decision.

The report is the property of CDS Pacific Ltd and is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. This report may be downloaded and viewed only. It may not be copied or printed without receiving written permission. Feedback and permission requests can be made to report@cdspacific.com

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