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CareerScope© Expert Support
International "best practice" standards require your careers assessment developer to provide you with expert support? CareerScope offers you expert support from qualified staff!

What is it?



You receive second and third opinions on difficult reports. If you are unhappy with CareerScope initial recommendations send a completed request form to our qualified staff and we will examine and prepare a second opinion . A third opinion may be sought if our second opinion is rejected.

Qualified staff conduct a highly skilled analysis of the report and prepare a professional second opinion.

Rest assured with accurate career recommendations.
    CareerScope recommendations maintain integrity under scrutiny.
Cost   Non Commercial & Non Corporate Licences (normally includes schools and training providers)· Free of charge. A maximum of five per year.



Commercial & Corporate Licences. Free of charge. Unlimited use.
  Third Opinions. All third opinions cost $100. Third opinions are sent to US experts.



We will Email a one page report within 3 working days of receiving a completed Request Form. Please follow the instructions carefully.



Using the CareerScope Expert Service is an easy process but does require careful attention to detail. All information will be treated as confidential and the privacy of the information will be maintained. The CES process requires two things:


1. Produce a RTF version of your clients report and attach it to the email form below. To produce an RTF version of the report please follow the following instructions. You may wish to print out this page.

the CareerScope Management Module.
and select the individual report in question.
at the "Report Type" section. Ensure the "Counselors Report" is selected.



on "Save to File". Take note of the file name and save location.
a file manager to open file location.
report file and check it is the correct report. Do not make or save any changes.

the file and attach to the email form below



Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible. Before doing so please attach the RTF File here.
Locate the RTF File here: c:\Cscope\RTF_reports
1) Why do you require a second opinion

2) Client comments or questions?

3) Environmental Factors, After each factor please check the appropriate box
A) Lighting in room Good Adequate Inadequate
B) Noise Control Good Adequate Inadequate
C) Space for mouse, keyboard and pecil & paper Good Adequate Inadequate
Client was in assessment room: Alone With group

If group, other test takers Interfered: Non Interfered
Assessment was carried out on a: Workstation Laptop
If Laptop, screen was: Active Passive Matrix

4) Other Factors.

Time of assessment

Reason for assessment: Normal curriculum Detention filler
Impairments? Corrective lenses , co-ordination , prosthesis , mental

Did test taker seem unmotivated? Yes No
Does test taker suffer anxiety attacks under stress? Yes No
Was client time cut into? (Lunch or sports etc) Yes No

5) Any other comments.
Your name
Your email address.

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