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Careers Education
Giving your students essential careers information and saving you time!

  Career Carnival for High Risk & In-Transition Students.

"State of the Art Multimedia"

It is a fun and educational way to learn about different careers.
It engages the attention of your students and enables you to develop an instant rapport. It motivates kids to develop longer term career plan

The fun, interactive, multi media game format captivates and rewards student attention.

Ministry of Education Guideline
"Improving achievement at Secondary Schools for Students at Risk ......Information technology offers a wide range of activities to help poorly motivated students learn....The use of interactive media keeps students' attention focused, and allows them to experience success, even in relatively complex operations"


Fresh, New Curriculum Ideas for Careers Advisors.


Career Carnival
includes fifteen classroom activities with professionally developed lesson plans.
    Preparation time
is reduced allowing you time to do what is important.
    Results Discussion
Our qualified staff will help you to interpret the results.
Primary & Secondary School Levels.



How to ... Delivering High Quality Career Lessons


Over 380
professionally developed lesson plans.
"A Careers Advisors Dream"   Over 180
reproducible student notes and worksheets.
by teachers and counsellors in line with NCDA Guidelines.


Time & Energy Efficient


Easily choose

lessons keyed to your students age group.
lesson plan summaries
lesson plans contain lesson and marking guides



School Careers Advisors
Careers Consultants
School Teachers

Coming soon!


CareerScope© ANZ

NZ & Australia's only Interest and Aptitude Assessment Tool
Supported by Independent Research

Year 9 through to adults.
School Career Advisors
Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment & Selection


Career locker.com - The ultimate careers web site.
Contains How To..., Self Assessment Tools, and other tools for the go ahead careers advisor & students.
Planned customisation for NZ & Australia.

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